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Dorothy Gale Of Kansas 100 Times and 100 Witches 

I was so excited after doing “100 WITCHES” that I couldn’t wait to jump into another project. I wanted the paintings to be a bit bigger than The Witches and I also wanted them to be square. Obviously the logical choice for the image was the brilliant, and fantastically tragic Judy Garland. I wanted even more detail in her face than I had achieved with The Witches and it took me over two weeks and 11 silkscreens to get it right, and I couldn’t be more proud of how well they were received. They are bold and crazy colorful. Her face is so charming, and more than a few people have asked me what I think she’s looking at. I mean, how would I know!?! I did 100 Witches so I also did 100 Dorothy Gale of Kansas paintings. No two are alike, and for the sake of space I'm showing you ten of each, you'll get the idea, and if you don't then I silently hope someone drops a house on you!

This one is my personal favorite.

Lulu Fogarty Engagement Portraits

Doing these paintings was an amazing experience. First of all I was flattered beyond belief that the amazing, Writer/Director Thom Fogarty and his very special wife Leslie Denis approached me with the idea of  having a portrait done of their equally talented daughter and son in-law to be, for their wedding. Being the generous artist that Thom himself is, he broached the subject and that was that. I would have done ANYTHING  they wanted as Thom and Leslie have been avid collectors of my work, doing so with boundless and gracious generosity. They neither requested, or placed any restriction or boundaries on me what so ever. I’d been doing a lot of silkscreen paintings “100 WITCHES” and “THE DOROTHY GALE OF KANSAS 100 TIMES” (not to mention my annual Holiday Cards) series and wanted to expand on that process. So, I decided to do four paintings using the colors of spring, summer, fall and winter. It’s a very complex process, and each painting involves seven steps to completion. At 36x 36” they are to date, the biggest silkscreen paintings I’ve done, but I fully intend on doing more. I am so absolutely thrilled with the final paintings that I’ve decided I’m going to accept commissions. I loved doing these portraits and they can be anything, individuals, couples, groups, pets…anything!! 






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